Thursday, April 17, 2014

The magic of Butterflies

At the beginning they had tickled her a lot. But with the time the skin in her face had become less sensitive to the touch of hundreds of little legs. Her teachers had been surprised when she choose butterflies, most of her classmates had chosen bigger animals as their weapon. But every time somebody tried to talk her out of her decision she just smiled and whispered "you will see and others will feel".
Of course it would have been more easy to use wasps or bees but they would not have looked as pretty as butterflies.
But they had benefits. It was possible to use them as jewelry. And that was what she did. Now and then people who had laughed about them had to learn that magical butterflies could have very sharp wings and that they could grow.

wandering-in-grass 22769 made lovely masks for L'accessories . The butterflies are made of mesh and available in many colours they can be worn either with holder or without. The Hanako hair from Wasabi Pills looks romantic and elegant. It fits well to roleplay and also sporty look. The hair is made of rigged mesh and sold at the seasons story. The Kimono is currently sold at the Japan fair but also available in the main store of *...Silvery K*. It is made of one piece of rigged mesh and not only available in white but also in red and black. The set contains also fitting shoes. The poses used in the post come from *Ma Vie*.
Mask: 22769 ~ Mes pensees sont des papillons (sold at L'accessories)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Hanako Mesh Hair - Iceberg (sold at the seasons story)
Kimono: *:..Silvery K..:* KimonoMesh(Rose_white)
Tattoo: Dragon Tattooo = Kurikara MonMon = Irezumi
Poses: *Ma Vie*

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Secret Affair - Game of Thrones

For many years she had studied in the darkness. It was in the darkness after all, that the lord of light held sway. This was known, to those with the wit to see it, a truth as plain as any other; shadows could not exist without light. Light came to her in many guises, all borne of fire. Candle flames fascinated the young. All were warmed and fed from the kitchen hearth. The old, when their time came, journeyed into the realm of the dead through the funeral pyre. As the war progressed, and she played her part, wondrous new possibilities were laid out before her. Wildfire. Her sigil, the ruby red stone always at her throat shimmered now, green as grass, a tribute to her desires. Having felt the power, all she wanted was to set the world ablaze.
Across the seas, in desert stretching further than any eye could see, the displaced princess walked. In her mind, she was princess no longer, no more was she Khaleesi. These things had passed as she took on her new role, the one which she knew would last her the rest of her life, and carry her to the heights of ambition. As the eggs cracked, splintering stone cherished through centuries for its beauty, her children had emerged. She had learned from the decline of her family, had seen great cities fall under the blade of her husband and had made mistakes of her own. In her hands she now had the power to take the world for her own, and she intended to take it. 4
5 Far up in the North the snows shifted beyond the wall. The closest noble house had the saying 'Winter is coming'. It was true, and it was a lie. Winter would always come to those in the South eventually. High up in the wilds, it never ended. Eternal cold hardened those who lived in it just as the baking sun burned weakness from the wandering tribes of the desert. Adaptation made these people seem uncouth, even feral to those accustomed to living in comfort, with all they could ever need within arms reach. Such imperious beliefs could not go on forever unchallenged. There was beauty and strength in the wilds, and with the first snows of true winter floating toward the south they would come to challenge all. 6

Anyone else who got as absurdly excited about the fourth season premiere of Game of Thrones as I did this week, should get themselves along to the GoT themed gacha event at The Secret Affair. It runs until the 30th April. Select high quality designers have some amazing items in gachas, also some available to purchase direct. As ever, I've gone for a mixture of both. (I didn't even show here all I bought - there wasn't room!)
The Secret Affair - Game of Thrones Event

Gown - . a i s l i n g . Qarth Lady -Black-  L$ 450
Beautiful MESH gown, HUD driven, with options for the fabric and colours for the metal sections. The fabric 'tails' from the shoulders are also changeable, from solid to near transparent opacity.
Choker - !dM deviousMind "Melisandre" Choker **EMERALD** L$ 50 (Gacha)
Choker has options for changing metal colour.

Crown - Alchemy - Mother of Dragons -  ULTRA-RARE  L$ 100  (Gacha)
Outfit - DRD Death Row Designs -  Targaryan Blue and Bloody - L$100
Dragon - YumYums - Baby Draegon (Hornwood) - L$ 50 (Gacha)

Gown - Peqe - Throne's Game_The North  L$ 380
Another beautiful MESH gown. The shine on the 'metal' belt is outstanding. 
Crown - [Keystone] Wilding Crown L$ 50

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Lost Mine

It all started on a Tuesday. Not the most auspicious of days; a day, in fact for fools. Professor Madrigal Peabody was not generally regarded as a fool, but like all geniuses, he had his moments. After years of toil and research, he had invented a portal into another world and found a lost mine full of riches. Such wonders were his to behold, and yet his own world, and his duties there called him back. Being a scholar, a scientist, he of course drew out a map ensuring he could find the portal again at any time of his choosing. The universe gave, and then, with the turning of the stars, it took away. The Professor absent mindedly tore up the map, thinking it nothing more than his grocery list.
It was then that he asked for help, the pieces strewn by the winds all across the city. Adventurers and students answered his call, picking up bags to collect the torn pieces, they hunted through the city, gradually piecing together the lost map. Once the map was complete, each shred joined to the others, a shining light sealed the rents, and pulled the adventurer through the portal.
Finding their feet far from any city, scent of pine drifted on fresh breezes carrying the ringing of distant hammers, of low, deep voices. Walking through the woods, the adventurer tripped over a clod of disturbed earth, something deep within catching the sunlight. Voices rose at the nearby camp. Small people, Dwarfins male and female bustled along the path, drawn to the shining crystal.
They led the adventurer to a wooden door into the mountain. "There are more crystals." They explained; hidden all over the land. Only by collecting enough to fill the empty sockets in the door could any but a Dwarfin hope to progress, as the Professor had...
So the adventurer hunted, searching the woods, coves and the Dwarfin town; until the bag, so recently full of scraps of paper, clinked gently with its load of large crystals. Travelling back through woodland paths, once more the adventurer stood before the great door, sliding each crystal home. Shuddering, with a cloud of dust, the door began to move.
Deep in the darkness, cavern after cavern the adventurer walked through the lost mine. Soft light glowed from crystals much larger than any they had ever seen. Some caves were dead ends, others cunningly bored into the rock merely had the appearance of leading nowhere. Banners, each of a different colour, adorned some of the caves, and in these, solving riddles and puzzles, the adventurer found crystals of a deeper hue, collecting them all.
As the rainbow completed, and the final puzzle was solved all faith and trust was given over to a rickety wooden mine cart... and a journey on to treasure...

MadPeas have done it again! 
Another 'point and click' adventure through SL - this time in three parts. Part one is in MadCity itself, then on to the Dwarfins SIM, then into a cave system to solve some fiendish puzzles, collecting and clicking as you go, before the crazy cart ride to the pile of prizes in the depths of the Lost Mine.

This game is a little different, as the things you have to 'pick up'  / click on  - pieces of crumpled paper or piles of earth are right out there in the open for anyone to see, and anyone to click on. You have to be quick! Once someone has clicked on it, their name will appear over the item, and it will disappear after they animate picking it up. The items spawn throughout the SIMs, they may re-spawn in the same place, but perhaps not for several hours. 
For this game, after buying the game HUD for L$150, you can also buy 'Pea Clue Finders' a wearable Pea in pink or green, who gives hints as to where the next piece can be found. There are also Dwarfin 'Clue Finders', which do the same thing all L$150 each. As I'm something of a purist when it comes to hunts etc, I didn't buy these, so I can't really grumble too much when someone wearing one runs in and clicks on the item I was heading toward. Not saying no grumbling, but not too much!

On to the prizes shown here!

Shack : Never totally dead - The Shack
Map : Collage - The Professor's Map
Drinks cabinet : Apple Fall - Globe bar
Treasure chest : Elephante Poses - Treasure
Barrel : Alouette - Mining Decor
Gold bars : .:Wimey:.  - The Lost Mines' Golden Treasure
Dwarfin : Dwarfin - Walk a Long - Rustic Easter (drops easter eggs when you type!)
Dress : Peqe - Arabian (mesh)
Nail appliers : {Wicked} Peach - Bedtime Story Nail Appliers (Slink hands only)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring blooms...

As sunlight with more than the warmth of winter reached through bare branches to stroke across the sodden land, Mae had awoken.  Under bark and beneath the leaf litter her presence was felt. A slow warm breath caressed sleeping seeds, bulbs buried deep in their earthen beds. Each night she slept a little less, frosts no longer banishing her to slumber. Movement in the woods, slowly at first, more and more as each day passed.
Green shoots unfurled, breaking through the chill of earth to broaden and grow in the sunlight. Sap rose, leaves blossoming, the great trees taking in and giving out the first breath of the new season as Mae took her first steps. Each year though born anew she was as old as time and life itself. Even in the heart of a city, her influence was felt, paving stones cracked and crumbled under the tendrils of moss, the searching roots of clover. Here in the woods she emerged, gathering strength against the creeping grey misunderstanding of civilisation. Mae would never be tamed, never caged. This freedom was the hope of the world, free to all should they choose to follow. All it ever took, was a walk in the woods.

Ok, so I'll let you all into a little secret. Of all the shopping I manage to do, I never buy skins. All right, not never, but rarely enough to make it something of note. I have been fortunate enough to blog some amazing skins, and this one is no exception.

I went to the Skin Fair (which closed yesterday - my timing is EPIC) and wandered around the stores, finding things I liked here and there... then pow!  [theSkinnery] blew me away with this skin. As I mentioned, skins tend to be big purchases for me, something I would only think about buying if I fell in love with it, or if I had a specific look I was going for in a post destined for this blog, and couldn't get the damn imagined image out of my mind. Like this...  Still, as with life in general, I find that if I go back to a store to look at something three times, it's something I want enough to buy. So, after the three visits to see the Quiana skin, here we are!
The skin itself is beautiful, very natural, with the kind of 'flaws' like freckles and moles that make it real. 

L$990 for [the Skinnery] Quiana  - Bare Face - in Toffee as shown here - gets you nine skin versions, with differing brow and cleavage options. Three 'system' eyebrows, and an alpha mask to get rid of those pesky system eyelashes. Two 'tattoo' options for blush and glow. There's also a 'Lip Intensity System' enabling you to choose from eight different 'intensities' of lipstick, and two glosses - the colour possibilities of which are endless. There's also a handy notecard which explains this a lot better than I do.

I also bought separately the Slink appliers for MESH hands and feet.

Skin : [the Skinnery] Quiana - Bare face(toffee).  L$990
Slink Applier for hands : [theSkinnery] Slink Skin Appliers-Hands-toffee. L$175
Slink Applier for feet : [theSkinnery] Slink Skin Appliers-Feet-toffee. L$175
Hair : Truth Hair - Harley (Browns) L$250
Dress : LUAS Tarna Ivory gown with Lola's Appliers L$150

Friday, March 28, 2014

Steam The Hunt IX - When Angels Fall

She had been the Guardian since... since Eternity had begun. She couldn't recall a moment when she was not watching, alert and dedicated. She had always been true and sincere. Yet, suddenly, she was ruthlessly scrapped. Why...? Maybe because a cogwheel or two needed replacing? Because she required more maintenance time than those shiny stainless steel automatons recently introduced by Management? So nothing but economy mattered now? What about human qualities, such as... loyalty and faith? Are the Machine Guards becoming... plain machines right now?

When Angels Fall
You still have a few days to pick up the amazing gifts along the path of the ninth Steampunk Hunt. Although - as Glorf Bulmer smartly observed - this hunt was mostly about hats, there are plenty of non-hat surprises as well... such as the stunning "Adriael" female avatar by Mobius Creations. Crosswired Deanimator, the self-confessed building maniac behind the company name offers you a male avatar as well, "Archronus"... so, why are you still here, hesitating? Pick up the landmark and run!

"Adriael" complete avatar - Steam IX Hunt gift by Mobius Creations - 0 L$.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ready to Rock

There was nothing like music in her life. Unfortunately the moments on which she could enjoy them were unbearably rare. But there the parties. Initiated to make sure that the houses would not start to fight each other. For her they meant hours of boredom until all the really important people had left. After that she and the other younger ones enjoyed the opportunity to listen to music  - so loud that the floors vibrated.
Captivity Poses created an awesome pose prop for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair 2014. It is a set of speakers with 16 different poses. Some of them are funny some sexy but all are great. The Fair will start at the 29th March and run till April 11.


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/Erika Mesh Hair - Iceberg
Shirt: *Fishy Strawberry* New York Deep V Shirt - Red (sold at Collabor88)
Skirt: *Fishy Strawberry* Frankfurt Pencil Skirt - Black (sold at Collabor88)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Maryse Heels (Slink Feet Add-On) :: Noir

Pose: Captivity Poses- ReAmped Exclusive for RAFF! (16 poses)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt 2014 - The Red Princess

The Red Princess was ready to become the Red Queen... oh yes, she was ready and greedy to rule. Yet, the current Red Queen was so impolite as not wanting to abdicate in her favour. What a shame. She was still young and energic, she said, and she planned to spend another decade on the throne. Or maybe two, if she couldn't finish her plan and have all the necessary heads chopped off... and, of course, there were those roses to be painted red, every year. "I'll die a princess if I don't come up with a plan soon!" - the Red Princess thought. "Mummy, Mummy, I'd rather you reconsider that abdication...or else." Her lips curled up into a nasty smile as she started walking towards the rose garden.
It's March and the capricious bunnies are back to the RMK Gothic sim, to be waited on front and back paw and to be silently begged to drop a precious gift card. If you want to know everything about this unusual hunt and/or patience game, read the instructions at the RMK Gothic website; or, if you want to read a truly thorough review of what's going on (with lots of pictures), visit Deoridhe Quandry's blog.

Dress (complete with collar, stockings and hat; the latter not worn here): Ambrosia RMK Bunny Hunt gift (0 L$).
Necklace: Insanya RMK Bunny Hunt gift (0 L$). I love those rabbit ears! :)
Skin: The Skinnery "Haruko" in Milk - The Chapter Four gacha prize (100 L$ per play).
Hair: Ayashi RMK Bunny Hunt gift (0 L$).
Staff: DDD Alice's Chess Rod, "Red King" - gacha prize (40 L$ per play).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry "Dolly Deadly" in Danger (65 L$).
Nails: Pulcino RMK Bunny Hunt gift (0 L$).
Pose: Theater Chain "The Duchess" - from the "Alice in Wonderland" 10-pose pack (150 L$).