Monday, January 26, 2015

The not so little mermaid

1 Ariel had taken a gamble, she had known it at the time but in the heat of the moment, with passion and the dream of a new life blurring her vision as she gazed across the wave rocked surface of the sea; she had not cared. Giving everything up for love was the thread running through all the tales shared with her friends in school. The others, so strong and determined, had found their romance close to home, or so she understood. Only recently had she tasted what they may have long known, the disintegration and re-imagining of what life meant through one look, one sight, of the one face. 2 She had gone to the wise woman, not for advice - this she had refused to hear. Her voice had been taken, part-price of her wish. She had risen to the surface, swum to shore to find him. Each step on the feet which had replaced her fins was fire, was the rasping stab of knives, the tearing bite of the shark but she carried on. She found him in his palace by the sea. For the first time he saw her, and they danced, they danced, pain and joy welling tears in her eyes. These tears in time washed away the illusion, as they fell at each dance. This new world had accepted her, a great beauty, welcome at the court. His heart loved another, he danced with her for sport. She would not do as she was commanded, she would not dance for their wedding, she would return to the world without pain, beneath the tide. 3 In time, so the wise woman promised, her beautiful tail would return, and again she would sing. 

Utterly unplanned we are mer bound on the blog this week! There must be a cosmic plan (or at least it's mer season in SL?) I've been delving around The Fantasy Collective - a bi-monthly shopping event with an ever changing fantasy theme - this round it's all about the Mer.
The Fantasy Collective

Hair :  [RA] Jewel Hair - Ombres  L$ 275
Lovely hair with 8 HUD driven colour options can be worn with or without the decorative chopsticks.
Dress :  Valentina E. - Siren Gown Seaweed  L$ 285
Amazing ombre colour fade and texture to this beautifully shaped dress.
Mer outfit : LUAS - SIA ROSE. L$ 99
Highly detailed shell and pearl outfit - all pieces can be moved / resized to fit perfectly.

When I was scouting out locations I visited the RP SIM of the Deep Canyon Mers (third image above). Here while I was looking around one of the SIM owners, Chastity Starspear, arrived, and invited me on a proper tour - in a seahorse drawn carriage no less! The SIM has an established history, with many locations worth investigating - please feel free to check it out!

Deep Canyon Mers

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sparkling Mermaid

Spindrift Flotsam Leaper was a treasure-collector, gathering finds from the beach and ocean and creating caches of interesting and beautiful objects. When she was in good mood (which she was often), she leaped alongside the prows of boats, and cheered up the sailors immensely. They adored her long wavy seafoam hair, the sparkling blue skin, the opulent jewellery... until one day a greedy seaman had the idea that those lovely baubles would look better on his plain human wife. He reached for his harpoon... Spindrift jumped into the air, frightened and deluded, then plunged back into the ocean, and no mortal eye has ever seen her again.

Sparkling Mermaid

Two fantasy markets are about to close their gates soon, so this is a last-minute notice again. :) The splendid deep blue skin is a current offer by Fallen Gods Inc. at the monthly We Love RP shopping event, together with the long Electra hair in many colour packs. The strikingly beautiful "Mata Hari" jewellery set is on sale at The Secret Affair.

Skin: Draco Odyssey/Laguna by Fallen Gods Inc. - 590 L$ at We Love RP. There are 10 male and female versions available (scaled/smooth, with/without tattoo marks, snake scales), the full pack is 1980 L$.
Hair: "Electra" in Merfolk by Entwined Hair - 185 L$ at We Love RP.
Eyes: "Dragon Eyes" in Mystic Crystal by Sterling Artistry - 85 L$.
Ornamented Hair Chain "Tribal" (Common), Chest Lace with Chains (Rare), Dancer Jewels "Blooming" (Common), Epaulettes "Tribal" (Common) - "Mata Hari" gacha prizes by Devious Mind - 75 L$ per play at The Secret Affair, running until 29th January.
Tiara: part of the "Revenge" jewellery set by Luas - 100 L$ on the Marketplace.

The picture was taken in the magical underwater garden at Ode.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


3 Snow had fallen as one year ticked into the next, the hand on the clock and fireworks bursting amid clouds swollen with winter whiteness. Some had melted in the horizon skimming sunlight of the days that followed, but more fell, and more, and more. Now the sunlight shone on a world draped in a crystalline blanket, powder soft and clean, muffling the sound of her feet. 2 No clipping or clopping accompanied her movement. As she drew closer to the bridge the soft sounds of Tchaikovsky wove through the air, with each step, a growing "C'thulhu fhtagn". Any strangers wandering in the woods during the beautiful dawn would likely be surprised, but all who dwelled in the neighbouring hamlets and villages wouldn't bat an eye. Soon enough she would bump into some of these friends, the sounds of her ride melding with whinnying, trumpeting and the curious noise of a giraffe greeting a dragon. Kicking off their shoes, they would walk, trot, and run in the wonderland of snow. 4
OMGacha is here again! The beautiful backdrop to these images is the SIM redecorated for the January round. A frozen fantasy filled with pretty gacha machines, each brimming with bargain goodies. There's a good amount of gachas for the bois in this round also. More may follow from this if I have the time! Meanwhile - check out these lovelies, and head on over!

OMGacha January

Hairband : .{yumyums}. Cute as a Button ULTRA RARE  L$ 50
Part Minnie Mouse, part sewing box, ALL cute! There are colours and options for all tastes in the gacha - these ultra-rares come with a colour change HUD
Hair : pr!tty - Louise - [Colorful 5+6] .roots. (5 shown) L$ 80
Two hairs for the price of one - this pretty peachy pink is twinned with a tonal blue.
Skin :  Alterego I maliyah II 09 - Caramel  L$ 100
Beautiful skin, great detailing as ever from Alterego. For this price? What more could you want?
Outfit : {le fil casse} Snow Angel Romper Peach L$ 60
Sweet little playsuit - play the gacha according to the size of your av. Lace detailing is so pretty.
Shoes : .{yumyums}. CutiePie Flats {Sky Dot} RARE  L$ 50
Omgacha... omg the detail. Pretty inside and out (Don't tell me you've never rezzed your mesh shoes to see the work designers put into the insides!). These seem to be for MESH flat feet - I could be wrong - but I don't own these, so to look their best, here they are 'sans pieds'. Platform versions also in the gacha.
Hobbyhorse : Madpea Nutty Trotters - Tchaikovsky  L$ 50
Hehehe MadPea do it again. This hobby 'horse' is one of ten versions, touch menu options to perfectly size your ride. Animations for walking and running. Sounds included - perhaps not "C'thulhu fhtagn" but will liven up your trotting all the same!

The Day I Lost My Home

"The rockets set the bony meadows afire, turned rock to lava, turned wood to charcoal, transmitted water to steam, made sand and silica into green glass which lay like shattered mirrors reflecting the invasion, all about. ...And from the rockets ran men with hammers in their hands to beat the strange world into a shape that was familiar to the eye, to bludgeon away all the strangeness..."
                                                           (Ray Bradbury: The Martian Chronicles, The Locusts)

The Day I Lost My Home

The current round of "A Tattered Page" is dedicated to Ray Bradbury and his masterpiece collection of short stories, The Martian Chronicles. I was a teenager when I first borrowed the book from our local library... and I've been re-reading the melancholic and deep stories again and again, ever since that day... and rather often I am not at all proud that I belong to the barbaric human race.

Skin: "Mrs K" by Fallen Gods Inc. - 990 L$; the package contains the skin, a shape, a pair of yellow coin eyes, and many appliers.
Hair: "Windsong" in Russet by Exile - 88 L$ for a colour pack of 10 shades, available at the current round of Collabor88.
Tiara: "Helios Head Piece" by 22769 - this magnificent tiara was a gift from Paco Pooley and Manuel Ormidale for the Sunshine Hunt, organized to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Fallen Gods Inc. inworld. It may not be available any more, but if you want to find some other top quality accessories, outfits and also furniture, a trip to 22769 is a must!
Outfit and jewellery: "Pohjola" by Tekeli-li - the top (160 L$), the bottom (160 L$), a full jewellery set (310 L$) and other accessories are available on the Marketplace.

The picture was taken at LEA10, where Whiskey Monday is currently building her ever-changing project, aptly called "Nothing Endures But Change". Very gently she also left a pose stand there, crammed with many gracious poses by Flowey; I took the occasion and picked "All I need" for my snapshot.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Leaf on the Wind

Some days in the capital there was nothing much to do. Lola stretched out on her sofa and laughed softly to herself. There had rarely been a bigger lie pop into her head. There was always so much to do in the heart of the city, whether it was trailing up and down crowded streets staring through plate glass at staggeringly expensive items of metal or leather, or delving into back alley boutiques and rummaging through market stalls for a unique bargain. History resounded with each footfall, Tyburn, Horseguards, palaces and bridges. Each step was a step to the future, vibrant cultures colliding to meld together on each street corner. Millions flocked to London, to see the sights, to feel the music past and present in each beat, in each breath. There was so much to do each day she struggled to pick, even after all these years. Later, she would walk through the park, the lungs of the city, spaces of green where in the middle of the metropolis deer roamed free. Come night, as lights began to shimmer from highrise and basement bar alike, new horizons called. The millennium wheel still beckoned on the skyline, drawing people to the river. London, the ever changing, ever true city was calling. Calling the punk, the romantic, the nostalgic, the dreamer. Answer the call. 2
You know we love an event here. Especially an event which benefits someone, or lots of someones in need. Leaf on the Wind is a fundraising event held to benefit Scarlet Chandrayaan, Owner of Alouette, in hopes of helping her wish of visiting London come true. The real life person, Amy, behind Scarlet, is battling cancer. This is a fight she has taken on once, and is facing again. Doctors have given her two years at the most if she just continues on with life as it is at the moment and makes the most of the time she has left. We’re all hoping she can fight this once more and live a long life of dreams fulfilled.
Each creator at the Leaf on the Wind event will have up to 4 vendors in their allocated booth, with a percentage of sale price going to fund Amy's travel. The theme of the event is "All things London".
There is also an Auction/Bid Board area for the duration of the event and on the last Saturday of the month (31st January), there is a DJ event planned where the winners of auction prizes will be announced.
All auction items are special deals with values of L$1000 and upwards.

Top :  !Chop Shop!/ Jack The Ripper L$ 100  = 50% Donation
Leggings : Maai  London stockings L$50 = 100% Donation
Boots : FORSAKEN=- Union Riot Boots:  L$ 200  =  75% Donation
Furniture : 22769 ~[bauwerk] London Calling - complete set L$ 800   = 75% Donation

Leaf on the Wind

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year... and Thank You

"Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky, / The flying cloud, the frosty light / The year is dying in the night; / Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.
Ring out the old, ring in the new, / Ring, happy bells, across the snow: / The year is going, let him go; / Ring out the false, ring in the true."
                                                                                                        (Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

Happy New Year... and Thank You

Thank you so very much for reading Eclectic Equations. May you all have a lovely New Year.
Best wishes, seriously meant,

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Santa's Littlest And Latest Helper

She had wound up the alarm clock... and she overslept. She overslept, and she missed Christmas! How could Santa distribute all the surprises without her help...? The littlest and latest elf was flapping her wings as quickly as she could. She didn't want to miss New Year's Eve, too... someone had to deliver those champagne glasses, and the good wishes, after all.
Santa's Littlest And Latest Helper
I wouldn't have ever thought that I might become a Petite in SL. Yes, I found them amazing from the very first moment they appeared, and the incredible precision and care of the creators who decided to give these charming critters dresses, hair, houses and even pets, enchanted me even more. Yet... despite all the charm, I've never owned a Petite. Until now.
The person responsible for my Petite-zation is Yuna Yuadl, a "happy bunch of pixels" and an old friend, who merrily frolicked around in SL for years, then - suddenly and to my greatest surprise - she's become a creator, and an excellent creator of Petite outfits and accessories at that. The outfit I'm showing here is her work, and I cannot properly do justice to it. All the detailing... microscopic, elaborate and amazing. My Petite has a shoulder pet, a tiny yet perfect robin, that holds an even tinier gift box in its beak, AND the gift box is decorated with holly leaves and berries! Just imagine!
... and when I realised I needed an avatar for this wee gem, I poked Alia Baroque and asked for his advice as to where to buy one. He answered he didn't have advice for me, only avatars... and promptly dumped a huge box on me, so now I'm a proud Fallen Gods Petite Royale! Yuna, Alia, thank you so very much for this experience. You're wonderful and generous friends.

Belt, bows, wreath, pixie collar with bell, fangs, robin shoulder pet, staff: part of the "Petite Holy Leaf" outfit by Ankle Biters - 750 L$ (the outfit also contains a pair of long ears with white glowdrop, a lace mask, a long skirt, a tail, a pair of wings, a special Ankle Biter HUD cam, and some tiny red and green twinkling lights, so you may combine the various items in dozens of ways).
Armbands, anklets, tail, long ears with red glowdrop, wings and eyelashes: part of the female Christmas group gift by Ankle Biters - 0 L$ and it's free to join the group.
Avatar: "Royale Petite" in Pale by Fallen Gods Inc. - 1500 L$
Hair: "Orion" in Iceberg by Wasabi Pills - 110 L$ for a colour pack of five.
Eyes: "Serial Pierce Eyes" in Beam by The Stringer Mausoleum - an old hunt gift not available any more.
Pose: "Enchanted Moon" by !Musa! - this pose was a Fantasy Faire special in 2013, but if you visit Filomena Quinnell's shop, I'm sure you'll find a similar one among her pretty and reasonably priced (30 L$) poses.