Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why I Relay - Fantasy Faire 2016

Each year it came to this. In amongst all of the hustle and bustle, the crowds and the adventure, this moment came.Was it coincidental that moments of reflection tended to come near the water? Be it rhythmic movement of waves gently lapping against the harbour wall, droplets of water arcing through the air from a fountain to meld with a pond, or the sudden welling of tears in her eyes.
This year, she did not want the tears. Even as she wiped them away from her eyes, a sardonic smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. "As if anyone wanted tears!" Like everyone drawn in to the Fairelands, she was captivated not only by the beautiful surroundings, as breathtaking as they were; nor by the vast array of goods on offer, as exquisite as they were. She was drawn by what it meant. By what a disparate group of individuals could achieve when they were working toward one goal.

This year I had an idea of the look I wanted to create for my 'Why I Relay' blogger challenge as soon as I saw the skin from Plastik. The more I thought about it however, the less I wanted to think about hope or a cure being something celestial, something otherworldly. In reality, hope can be something made of pain. Pain can inspire hope, calling it into being where there had been no need for it before. Pain can erode hope, wearing it away over time. The less that has to happen, the happier we all can be. Since writing for this challenge last year, there have been losses, there are also survivors. Cancer has taken my cousin, a wonderful woman who was a daughter, sister, aunt and mother. Relatives and friends have received diagnoses, treatment beginning, remission reached. I don't want to write about a cure being something made of magic, from some distant galaxy. A cure is what we relay for, it's why we do this. So research can continue. Real people, right here, working to find a way. The cure is getting closer. Until then, we will come together like this. After that - we'll do it for the sheer love of each other, and all this love can achieve. 

These pictures were taken in Dangarnon one of the Faireland Sims

Skin : :[P]:- Constella Skin:// Lunale  Relay for Life item
Beautiful starry galaxy skin, comes with every applier you could think of, eight eyebrow shapers, eyes, makeup options - as ever - wow.
Branches :  Air Magnolia_Head Accessory_purple_CM - L$ 100  Relay for Life item
Lovely delicate branches, intricate beading, and softly glowing flowers.
Outfit : *LE* Xylia Onyx Pearl - L$ 250  Relay for Life item
Fantastic outfit, all sections can be worn separately, I love the contrast of bronze on white!
Nails : DP - Koffin Nails - Something Wicked L$ 200 Relay for Life item
Pretty pretty nails! HUD controlled, nine colour options. This purple to blue fade is my favourite.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It was all going swimmingly... Fantasy Faire 2016

Adrienne had had it. Had it up to the gills. It had started slowly, centuries earlier, or so the tales caved into the sacred story rocks told. A new shadow on the surface, on the barrier between their world, and the dry suffocating world above. A new creature, that's all. So they had thought.
It was carved, it had become part of their history. Just a new creature, a new predator. One day there would be no fish, where there had been fish before. Another, there would be a slick of blood and oil marring the surface; bones cracked and burned fell through the water to pile on sands. No predator hunted so indiscriminately, none took so much, sweeping vast swathes of the sea clear.
This night she would rest. They all would. They needed to. Come the morning, with the turn of the tide, the seas would change. Shoals of fish swept away would reform. Bones had always carpeted the deep. The clog of plastic, however, was stifling the ocean. The world above had contaminated the seas for too long. Tomorrow they were going to give it all back. The stones would be carved anew.

Hair : Analog Dog - omega - SPLASH - from omega - blacks/ splash L$ 350 Relay for Life item
Skin : .:Soul:. Gen2 F - Ranitomeya - [F6] - Fade - TT-FB - Brow  Complete Package L$ 1299  Relay for Life item
Top : [ SAKIDE ] Kethya Glow Top Sheer - from full Kethya outfit - L$ 150 Relay for Life item
Mer Tail, Belt and Arm Shields : TempT Mishell Relay for Life item

Swim on down to the Fairelands!
The Fairelands Junction

Saturday, April 23, 2016

In the Golden Delta - Fantasy Faire 2016

Anput's role had never been an easy one. Though, of course, if you ever did meet a god whose role was, she would advise you to lift the curtain, as likely behind it there would be a charlatan pulling on strings, and releasing coloured smoke to dazzle any susceptible audience.
She waited, the tap tap of her foot against sun warmed stone was never in impatience. She would wait forever, knowing that for many, her waiting would be far too short in duration. The soft beat of toe and heel resonated like a heartbeat, one which would continue throughout eternity; from the first vagueries which had brought her into being, long past the last breath of any who believed, and worshiped in what were now the old ways. Once gods were created, they endured; continuing in the tasks assigned to them.
Anput attended each who came to her. There could be a thousand a day, an hour, a minute. Each captured her full attention and care. The single self a mirage, able to gently hold each hand, guide each soul. She could shine in the darkness, be the focal point of a shadow in the midst of blinding light. She alone knew the weight of the feather against which each heart would be judged.

More delights from the wonderful Fantasy Faire!

Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ Cleo Mesh Hair - Solar Ombre L$ 250 Relay for Life item
Hair has 39 colour options via HUD an additional HUD controls the colour of the accessories, four colour options, or you can make them transparent.
Skin : Alterego - I taryn - eclipse [brow I]   L$ 999 Relay for Life item
Skin pack contains four skins (different brow options), four brow shapers, appliers for Loudmouth, Omega head and TMP head, and a shape! (Which I totally didnt even notice or would have used for this post!) Other appliers (hands, feet etc) sold separately L$ 350. 
Outfit : Vengeful Threads - Anubis Bride - LS 450
Outfit contains these beautiful shoes! (For Slink high feet).
Halo : .::Cubic Cherry ::. - {Rising Moon} halo black L$ 250 Relay for Life item
Beard : OtherSkin - Prophecy - Relay For Life 2016 - Naturals - L$ 175 Relay for Life item
Necklace : OXIDE - Corsair Coins Necklace - L$ 250  Relay for Life item

Pictures were taken in The Golden Delta one of the 14 fairelands sims of the Fantasy Faire.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The mists lift - the Fantasy Faire is here!

The day was finally dawning, after a long year of waiting.
Within the waiting, there had been work, so much work. So much careful attention.
The wait could feel like an exile, of course it was.
The distance was all a part of it. It made the coming together what mattered.
It formed the magic, the magic spreading into being, out there, just beyond the mists.

The mists crept back the whole world over.
In darkness, dawn, the brightness of day to the deepening of twilight to dusk.
The thick fog which obscured all vision had drifted together over the preceding days.
Only this provided a clue as to where the magic would truly come alive.
From all over the world the would come, by ship, by balloon, by any means possible.

In the depths the change in the world was felt.
Where no sun shone, and no season passing wrought change.
They felt it, the magic drawing together, more powerful year on year.
The magic was the people, they came from every sphere, each addition bringing its own flare.
The fire burned brighter, every being working towards one goal, one fight.
The fight for life.

The mists fade, the gates swing open. The world is changed once more. The Fantasy Faire is here.

The Fairelands Junction

Scene 1
Hair and Headdress : Bliensen + MaiTai - Godiva - French Hood with Hair (Reds)
Outfit : c*C*c:::  - Leona + Leo Steam Hatter  L$ 350 Relay for Life item
Boots : Avatar Bizarre - Zaahn Boots Relay for Life item
Wings : Bliensen + MaiTai - Dragonfly Wings - static  Relay for Life item

Scene 2
Mask : .AiShA. Dryad Mask Relay for Life item
Outfit : Jinx : Effy Dress - Bright Summer Relay for Life item
Backpack Balloons : The Dark Fae's - Flying Backpack Relay for Life item
Pose :  [Curvosity] - Winged Pose Set (Pose Winged 3) Relay for Life item

Scene 3
Halo : {Acios} Angelic Halo Relay for Life item
Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ Cleo Mesh Hair - Solar Ombre L$ 250 Relay for Life item
Skin : .:Soul:. Ranitomeya - Gen2 F - [F3] SE - Complete Package L$ 1299  Relay for Life item
Eye makeup :  !Musa! Eyeshadow Fei  Lavender Relay for Life item
Beard : OtherSkin - Prophecy - Relay For Life 2016 - Fantasies - Relay for Life item
Pendant :  !Musa! Seraph Pendant (Dark) Relay for Life item
Outfit :  Syren's Song - Josephine Gown in Grape Relay for Life item
Pose :  [Black Tulip] The Warrior #1Relay for Life item

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Interview...

She'd checked the address of the building before she left the apartment. She knew she had. Finishing university had been the goal for so long, the internships, the volunteering, and finally graduation. Only then had the phone stopped ringing, the emails no longer received more than a form response. It seemed the business world had only been interested when it could get her mind and her effort for free. Day after day, week after week sending out resume after resume. Then late last night, the chime of a message hitting her inbox. "Pleased to invite you to interview..." Now she was here, and faced with this. Had it been a cruel joke?
She'd knocked regardless. No way was she putting to waste the time she'd spent through the night steam cleaning her best suit, polishing her smartest heels. A voice had called from within, inviting her to come in. Even through the door she heard it, a voice sharp and efficient, albeit muffled by the wood. As she stepped through the door, something was immediately amiss. More than one thing was wrong with the room, starting with whatever had apparently happened to the cityscape outside of the window, and ending with its echoing emptiness.
Stepping further inside she was keen to make a good first impression, walking tall with a confident step. "Hello?" she called out, pleased that despite the serious case of the wiggins she was getting from the view, there was no quaver in her voice. Walking toward the apparently abandoned desk, on top of which rested a cigarette in the ashtray, still lit, still smoking, in a room with no doors save the one she had just walked through...
No one there, no answer to her calls. She had read enough about alternative interviews to think this might be some kind of a test. Sure, she had been expecting something along the lines of an impossible to answer question... like how many piano tuners there were in the country, designed not the test her knowledge, but her skills under pressure. This must be the next level to which the enigmatic company with the green logo and offbeat name had taken the idea of such a task. She would be unflappable. The shabby office block, the off putting sign on the door, the lack of a receptionist, and now... Theatre seats? Clearly the employer was looking for someone who could cope with the surreal, sitting down, she knew she would exceed their expectations.
Kicking back and relaxing was fine, she was as pleased to get off her feet as she was to make the good impression she was going for, however it was the employer was watching. Stretching out, she couldn't see any cameras, but she caught the light glinting on the face of her watch, illuminating something tucked under the seat of the office chair. Seconds later, the clipboard was in her hand, filthier than any clipboard had a right to be, she kept it away from her suit as she read the list of names, the thick ink of the last signature still fresh enough to smear under her thumb. Pulling the pen free from the clip, she signed on the final line.
A creak of metal, a soft cry of surprise, and the clunk of the metal door as it closed. From the far side of the room, a knock on the door. A voice, her voice, came down the line. She could only hope whoever it was could hear...


Coming from Madpeas on 1st April "The Interview"

There are three levels of game passes which will be available to play this latest ladling of insanity from the green spheres. Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Bronze : Lowest price - play for the fun of it - souvenir for taking part - but no prizes.
Silver : Medium price - Play for the souvenir, 13 silver level prizes, and a silver quest. 5 in game currency coins.
Gold : All the goodies! Everything from the Silver pack, plus additional gold level quest, and 13 gold prizes. 15 in game currency coins - and this fantastic custom designed interview suit outfit from GABRIEL. (Don't worry - there is a version for the dudes!)

This little narrative is all my own - what the interview will actually entail? Who knows! Only the MADPEAS!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Come on down to the river - Skin Fair 2016

Come on down to the river.
Follow the path through the sun dappled glade,
In the warmth of the light, and the cool of the shade.
Come on down to the river.
Follow the stream to the river.
Over the stones as it chatters, chase down each curve and each bend,
Past fallen branches, the rocks split by frost, slowly start to descend.
Follow the stream to the river.
Find me down at the river.
In the water is where my heart lies.
Light on the ripples could dazzle your eyes...
Find me there, find me there, down at the river.

More from the Skin Fair 2016
Another beautiful skin (as ever) from DS'ELLES. The pack contains skins with four brow options, no-brow, brown, blonde and black. Hairbases as tattoo layers in Auburn, Black, Jet Black, Blonde, Blonde Clair, Brown, Dark Brown, Platinum, Red and White. Alpha Masks to hide those pesky system lashes (and ears if you want rid of those). If you have the Colorado appliers from previous skin buys from the store - they work perfectly.
Tattoo : .ARISE. Lisa Tattoo L$ 109
This tattoo contains a tintable system tattoo layer, and appliers in Red, Black, and White for Slink, TMP, and Omega.
Skin Fair 1
Skin Fair 2
From We < 3 RP
Top : S&P Top Aly brown L$ 399
Corset : .A. Fenrir Corset Rust L$ 297
We < 3 RP